Emergency Preparedness
Welcome to the Emergency Preparedness Page
Emergency Preparedness is under the Safety Committee
Links to Valuable Preparation and Emergency Resources
Readiness for an Emergency
The link above will take you to the Riverside County website where you can register your VoIP (Voice over IP) phone as well as your cell phone to be able to receive Reverse 911 calls.
The Ready.gov website has information for citizens on how to build emergency kits, how much water is needed for a disaster, and much more!
Explore options, understand earthquake risk, and get prepared!
Videos and other resources for emergency planning to protect your animals, including family pets.
Electrical Outages
Visit this site to report an outage or to see if an outage is in progress, as well as an estimated time for restoration of power.
This shows the steps for Food and Water Safety before, during, and after Power Outages.
Natural Gas
Get the information you need if you plan to dig on your property, how to recognize a natural gas leak, contractor safety and more.  
If you suspect a gas leak or pipe damage, evacuate the area and call So Cal Gas from a safe location.
Status of Fire Incidents Nearby or Around the State
Heard there might be a fire nearby?  Check the status by visiting the Cal Fire site.  Evacuation information and containment status are both available at this site.
Helpful Documents
AED Locations (PDF; 03-2019)
This shows the AED Locations at Four Seasons as published in the Breeze.
Residents' Handbook  (PDF; 10-2023) 
This is the main document for residents with a variety of important information in case of a disaster. 
FRS Training Document (PDF; 7-2014)
Family Radio Service (FRS) is an improved walkies-talkie radio system that Four Seasons EPC Teams use to communicate.  The linked document is used for training purposes. Please consider coming to one of our classes.