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Welcome to movie listings for the Theater at Four Seasons - conveniently located inside the Lodge
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Show Times  
Daily 11:00 am
  3:30 pm
Monday, Wednesday and Saturday Evening Showings 6:00 pm

Theater Facts:
  • The Theater at Four Seasons has a seating capacity of 22 - seating is first come/first seated
  • Popcorn is available for only the 11 am and 3:30 pm showings
  • Moviegoers are asked to silence and stow their cell phones or other hand-held devices
  • Closed captioning is available only at the 11 am showing
  • Scheduled movies are subject to change/cancel/reschedule at any time without notice
  • New movie schedules are posted every Sunday (find printed flyers in the flyer rack at the Lodge)
  • If you would like to watch a specific movie, please feel free to leave a movie request with a way to contact you at the Lodge front desk or click here to send a request by email.
  • Click here to see a full set of theater rules.  We so appreciate everyone being considerate of our fellow movie-goers and staff.
  • If you would like to request a specific movie, please submit a Movie Request form.
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July 15 - July 21
Monday, July 15
        This Is It (PG)
        2009 | Documentary, Music
Tuesday, July 16
        The King's Speech (R)
        2010 | Biography, Drama, History
Wednesday, July 17
        Instant Family (PG-13)
        2018 | Comedy, Drama
Thursday, July 18
        The Magnificent Obsession (Not Rated)
        1954 | Drama, Romance
Friday, July 19
        When They See Us: Part Three & Four (TV-MA)
        2019 | Biography, Drama, History
        (11 am ONLY)
        Outlander: Season 1, Episode 11 & 12 (TV-MA)
        2014 | Drama, Fantasy, Romance
        (3:30 pm ONLY)
Saturday, July 20
        The Making of a Lady (TV-PG)
        2012 | Drama
Sunday, July 21
        Bye Bye Birdie (Approved)
        1963 | Comedy, Musical

July 22 - July 28
Monday, July 22
        The Proposal (PG-13)
        2009 | Comedy, Drama, Romance
Tuesday, July 23
        Little Shop of Horrors (PG-13)
        1986 | Comedy, Horror
Wednesday, July 24
        Mary Shelley (PG-13)
        2017 | Biography, Drama, History
Thursday, July 25
        What's Up Doc (G)
        1972 | Comedy
Friday, July 26
        Madame X (Approved)
        1966 | Drama
        (11 am ONLY)
      Outlander: Season 1, Episode 13 & 14 (TV-MA)
        2014 | Drama, Fantasy, Romance
        (3:30 pm ONLY)
Saturday, July 27
        Victoria & Abdul (PG-13)
        2017 | Biography, Drama, History
Sunday, July 28
        Space Cowboys (PG-13)
        2000 | Action, Adventure, Thriller