Canine Corral News
Posted on Feb 12, 2021

Canine Corral opening soon!
Q: How can I use the Canine Corral with my dog?
A: Membership Applications are available at the Lodge. Only dogs with an approved application and residents who have attended the seminar will be provided with a special identification dog tag, and a unique fob to access the gate. Application Fee $100 per dog
Q: Can I bring guests into the Corral or visiting dogs if I am a member?
A: No. For safety and liability reasons, only residents who have attended the seminar and understand the rules and policies established by the Board may use the Corral. Only dogs who have been screened for current vaccinations and have been spayed or neutered will be given a special dog tag and will be able to enter the Corral.
Q: Why won’t the Corral be open for anyone to use?  
A: When the Canine Corral was approved by the Board, it was approved only with specific stipulations designed to assure residents that this facility would be self-funded,  users would accept liability, and safety concerns with dogs would be addressed.
Our Mission:
To establish a fenced in, off-leash area where well-behaved canine citizens can exercise in a clean, safe environment being respectful of neighbors, property and wildlife. To develop an appealing, well-maintained space open to all resident members who have committed to uphold the facility’s rules and restrictions. To view this Canine Corral as a community project, amenable to dog owners and non-dog owners alike.  
  Adopted by the CCC June 16, 2020

The masks have been shipped. Approximate delivery date: 02/25/2021


Here’s how you can show your support and help open the new off-leash area....
Ordering Forms for our wooftastic Honor Plaques and Honor Benches are available now!
You can get them at the Lodge, or you can download and print a copy from this news item.

We have 3 pawsome Honor Plaque Supporter levels. The 4”X 6” Honor Plaque for the “Great Dane Tier” may be customized with up to 6 lines of copy. This is the only size that will allow for a special line drawing of your choice. Order yours now for a contribution of $500, and you will be able to choose the placement on the Corral fence! Prime locations on the fence will sell out quickly.
The 4” X 4” Honor Plaque is available at the “Poodle Tier” for a contribution of $350. This will include up to 6 lines of copy. The 4” X 2” Honor Plaque for the “Chihuahua Tier” is available for a $200 contribution. Our customization team will work with you to create your special design with custom fonts and images.

Cash contributions are accepted. Make checks payable to Four Seasons HOA and indicate “Canine Corral” on the check. 
Download and print order form: Click HERE